Friday, August 22, 2008

30 wks...

So we had our 30 wk appointments today. First at the Perinatal Specialists office, and then Second at the OB's office.

Both little guys are growing and slightly increasing in their rate of growth. Baby A, my active one, was stretched out & awake when we got there, but when it was time for his pictures he went to sleep & would not wake up no matter how much she poked him! His head is on my right, and he stretches around the bottom of my belly and his feet are on my left side. He measured 3 lbs 11 ozs, and in the 73rd percentile. His heartbeat was 136 BPM.

Baby B, my little sweet one, was awake, but cramped. Poor little guy is squished curving around the top of my belly. His head meets his brothers feet on my left (still!), and his tushy meets his brothers head on my right. His little feet are above his head! I feel so bad for my little passive guy! I wish he would push his brother over!!! He measured 3 lbs 5 ozs, and in the 50th percentile. His heartbeat was 140 BPM.

Here are the new pics we got!

Then at the OB's they reviewed the report from the Perinatal Specialists office saying all was well & still was not dilated which was good! Apparently the little ones had shifted since the last visit because I only measured 37 wks this time! Both doctors said I was small for how big they were! I have over 7 lbs of baby in me! Most of the twins they see come between 34 wks & 36 wks. It's not far off now! I can't believe it! My little guys could be here in a month!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

AZ Baby Shower

Saturday August 16th, my incredible friends threw a beautiful shower for me to celebrate my two little guys. It was so much fun and we were truly spoiled! We feel so blessed to have such great friends out here! We are both the happiest that we have ever been thanks to beautiful Surprise, AZ, and all of our incredible friends!

Here are pics of just some of the wonderful people in our lives!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So Wednesday night, July 2, 2008, I was laying in bed staring at my tummy & watching TV. All of the sudden I saw my stomach go up. I was being kicked from the little guys were moving! As this is my first pregnancy I never knew for sure if I was feeling them or not. It was the most incredible feeling ever! I started crying.

They have been moving around ever since. Baby A more than Baby B, but I love it! This is the major thing I will miss once they are finally here.

Kevin loves to feel them move around. When we go to sleep at night he always has his arm around my tummy & they sit there & kick it. One day Kevin was talking to them & his shoulder was barely touching my tummy & they kicked it. We always giggle at how territorial they seem to be. Whenever I wear the tummy support to help with the weight they kick it until I finally give in & take it off. I love my little nudgers! :) (those that have read Breaking Dawn from the Twilight series will know what I mean by that! This spurred such a connection for me in the book, when her little nudger nudged her, so did mine! I so understand Bella through this book!)

Now I feel them rolling around as it gets smaller in there for them...I love every minute of feeling my little guys! I love my little guys so much more already, than I thought I ever could!

Friday, August 8, 2008

28 wks...

We had our 28 week appointment today. All appears to be going well. As far as my back hurting, the doctor said it wouldn't get better till I stopped working! So this is one of the reasons that next week will be my last week working, that and the risk of preterm labor. The doctor thinks my uterus will get to a certain size and say "ok, I'm done" & therefore put me into labor. Otherwise the doctor doesn't think he will induce me until I am 38 wks! Oh my goodness! 10 more wks! How huge will I be then!!! He measured me to see how many wks I was (however many centimeters you measure that is usually how many wks pregnant you are). So, I measured 42 wks! Of course it is different with twins, but it was interesting to know that I will never be any bigger than I am now! :) 2 wks ago I measured 34 wks! And 2 wks before that I measured 31 wks, so they are steadily growing bigger!

Our next ultrasound will be on 8/22/08, so we can't wait! We love spying on our little guys!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Breaking Dawn Release...

So most of you know my obsession with the Twilight series...Well the fourth and final book was coming out on August 2nd at naturally my girlfriends & I had to be there...but we had to make shirts first! :) So our weekly Tuesday night scrapbook night turned into Team Edward night!

So then we had to wear them out for the big night on the town!!!

We had so much fun! We met at my house at 8pm, went to Barnes and Nobel to get in line for our bracelets. Which we totally lucked out because our groups # started at 18 and continued on to around 30. Everyone seemed to get there after us! We went the Chick-Fil-A for desert & then came back & played games. They had trivia and then we were supposed to make Bella's Prom dress or Wedding dress in groups of 4 out of the supplies they gave us. Tammi's team won & they got $10 gift certificates they could use that night! It was a true girls night out & I loved it! I didn't get home till 2 am!