Monday, March 9, 2009

Teething...times 2!

So I never really thought about the whole teething thing...times two. I would think about it individually but never about them teething at the same time. I knew something was up because all last week Kody & Kyle were extremely needy. They had to see me at all times or they would cry and they both wanted to be held as much as possible. Luckily my parents would come by for a few hours in the afternoon to help out so I could pump, eat and do a load of laundry or something else that was desperately needed. Well...Thursday & Friday it all got worse...lots of crying (different cries than normal & very loud!), grabbing at their mouths (even leaving marks!), tons of drooling, and no more sleeping through the night (days after I was able to figure out what to do to get Kody to finally start sleeping through the night). Thankfully Kevin came home Friday and was able to lend me a hand...but this week should be Kevin & no parents to aide!!!

Can anyone tell me how long it usually takes for the teeth to come through? or the pain to stop???