Thursday, April 30, 2009


On March 29th, 2009, We blessed the boys at church. Kevin gave beautiful blessings for both Kyle & Kody. The boys were blessed throughout their lives & their names are now officially on the records of the church. It was a beautiful sacrament meeting at church. Such a perfect day!
Here is a look at the boys in their blessing outfits...

Here is our little family after daddy blessed them...

And a look at some of the family & friends who were able to attend...

You are all incredible & such a blessing to our lives! Thank you for sharing this special day with us! Some traveled from CA, CO & meant the world to us to have you all there!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

6 Month Old Photos

We got the boys 6 month photos...well let me just say I am so in LOVE!!! They were done on 3/27/09, by our amazing friend Erika at Yellow Pear Photography , and she did an incredible job!!! I like them all but the post would be huge if I posted every single one. So here is a (huge) sample... :)

My Smiley boys...they melt my heart!

We hope you enjoy them & love them just as much as we do! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter & a Special Visitor

The boys got to celebrate their first Easter this year. And they got to have a special visitor come out & celebrate with them!!! Their Uncle Shawn drove out by himself on Saturday. Just in time for Easter!

Here is a look at the Easter baskets...

(Shawn's, Kody's & Kyle's)

When we gave Kody his Easter basket...he lunged for it! He went to town & was so into it! It was adorable! I loved watching him get so excited, he was grabbing everything. He loved the books the most!!!

Kyle was a little more like "what's going on", but then he got into it & liked the toys. He really liked the new rattle!

Then we took the boys out for a fun little Easter Egg hunt. Really easy! 18 of the large colorful eggs just laying all over the grass!

Kyle was having fun with it & actually would grab the eggs, but then drop them. On the very last egg he actually held onto it & brought it to his mouth. (pic in the top middle) So cute!!!

Kody would stare at the eggs & grab at them, but that was it. He was pretty cute in his little "Baby's First Easter" outfit with bunnies on his toes & a little tail...just staring at the bright eggs!

Of course, the boys got the same amount of eggs...but the colors differed...

So here is Kyle's basket of Eggs...

And Kody's basket of Eggs

Then Uncle Shawn had to have a little fun too...

So we found special Eggs at the store...Eggs for more experienced Egg Hunters...

As you can see, some are better hidden than others...but it was definitely a challenge for him! He had to find all 12 & when he did...then he would get a special "prize."

So the hunt was on...

The loot...

His prize...yummy goodies! (A.K.A. his Easter Basket) :)

We hung out on the back porch for an hour because it was so beautiful & the breeze felt so good!

The boys loved it!

Since we didn't get to take pics with the Easter Bunny...I took a few pics of the boys for their first Easter!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! We love you all!

...And here are so more pics of our special visitor with the boys throughout the weekend. Shawn changed his first Diaper (Kyle), fed Kody for the first time & was so awesome with the boys. For someone who was never around babies growing up...he does amazingly well with them!!!

One last thing...on 4/13/09...the boys tried peas for the first are pics of both of cute!

Love their little faces!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta love the peas on Kody's nose! (Every time he eats them they end up someplace funny...his nose, his eyebrow, his eyelash...not sure how the kids does it!)

And look at those adorable big eyes! I love Kyle's big eyes...they are so stinkin cute! Poor guy usually ends up with more peas all over his mouth than inside his funny!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you so much & hope you had a good birthday!
On Sunday we celebrated at my parents house...dinner & cheese cake...yummy!
Daddy didn't want to go anywhere today so we stayed home & had a relaxing day with the boys! So I put Happy Birthday banners all over the house & we stayed in...
The boys had their first rice cereal out of a bowl...

Kyle thought it was weird at first...but he NEVER refuses anything being put in his mouth!

Kody took it at first and then he didn't want anymore...but Kody doesn't like to eat that much so it wasn't a huge surprise!

We went on a little walk...but it was kinda it was a short walk!

Then we sang to Daddy & had a brownie yummy!

It was a quiet day but it was great family time! We had lots of fun & the boys always love being with their daddy!
Kevin said it was his best birthday ever because it was his first birthday as a Daddy!

We love you Daddy & think you are the best ever!!!