Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Growing Little Ones...16 weeks old

1/21/09 - 16 weeks old
(these are pics from 1/21/09-1/22/09)
Kyle continues tummy time to help him learn how to hold up his head. I always have to take a pic of each of the boys when we go on walks...mommy is obsessed with pics of her little guys! And the adorable sleeping babes!
Then Grandma Townsend & Uncle Shawn came out to play for a few days...
(these are pics from 1/24/09-1/27/09)
The boys loved playing with Grandma & Uncle Shawn. Kyle laughed so hard while they were here! We have never heard him laugh so loud or so hard in our life!!! Shawn was so good with them too! Mommy & Daddy loved it!
Kyle continues to find his fingers & suck away. Tummy time continues, although now Kody is joining in. Mommy forgot about the fact that tummy time is not just so they can learn to hold up their heads, its also for crawling, strength, and rolling over. So Kody is now back having tummy time. With all of his eating problems he didn't get tummy time anymore because he would usually loose milkies!
1/25/09: Kody found his thumb today. Kody was sitting in the bouncer in the kitchen. Mommy walked up to find Kody's thumb in his mouth, pointer finger curled over the top of his nose, and the rest of the fingers making a fist...I have to admit it was one of the cutest things ever! Later on that day he found his thumb AGAIN!
1/26/09: Kody found just the tip of his thumb today & was sucking on it. You just have to laugh sometimes!
(these are pics from 1/27/09, the day they left) :(
The boys were both taking a nap (an EXTREEMLY rare time that they are both down at the same time!), and as Grandma & Uncle Shawn were leaving I realized we never got pics with we had to get pics...
Mommy had a great day with the boys the rest of the day. These are all pics from later that day!
Our little Kody-mon

Our Little Talker Boy

(sorry I had to lower the quality so that it would upload)

(also don't forget to press the pause button on the music player at the top so you can here his adorable voice!!!)

Our little Kyle

(I have a video of Kyle too...but he pulled the shy card & wouldn't do anything)
(these are pics from the night of 1/27/09)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Growing Little Ones...Part 2

So here are more pics & updates as the boys grow from 5 wks-15 wks (if you missed any of the previous weeks you can find them here. This is like my journal and especially until I have time to scrapbook again so some of the stuff may seem silly...but I try to mark down everything!!! :)

11/5/08 - 5 weeks old

(these are pics from 11/5/08-11/11/08)

The boys continue to grow! They take naps together & with mommy & daddy! Daddy took the boys out for a walk while mommy had to pump & decided to walk to Great Grandma & Papa Todd's. So that was there first time there, but they just stayed outside. They tested out the Boppy that Auntie Kellie got them and it became the new favorite toy! We had to get another one!

11/9/08: Kody officially smiled at mommy

11/10/08: Boys officially started sweating...good news! (no more worrying they would cook...I know it sounds silly but we were so worried all the time that they would be too warm & overheat)

11/11/08: Kyle smiled at mommy

11/12/08 - 6 weeks old

(these are pics from 11/12/08-11/18/08)

We went for a walk to Great Grandma & Papa Todd's again, this time mommy came & we stayed & had dinner. The boys slept pretty much the whole time. There is a pic above of Kyle's hands. This is how he holds them while he eats his is so cute I love it! The outfit says it all! I love the one of Kody drinking his milkies...he usually has his fist up against his cheek...too cute!Then there is Kyle crooked in his crib...I came in to find him like that & thought it was too funny! And if you can't tell by now I am obsessed with their feet! I love them! They are so precious! So lots of cute little feet shots! :)

Something we did not know until the hospital had told us at discharge was that babies do not sweat or have tears until they on 11/15/08 Kyle had his first tear (a single one), and on 11/16/08 Kody had his first tears (yes, plural)...broke mommies heart!

11/19/08 - 7 weeks old

(these are pics from 11/19/08-11/24/08)

We got another Boppy & the boys loved hanging out in their Boppy's. Kody would have trouble keeping his food down sometimes with what we thought might be acid reflux. So after every feed he would get propped up in the Boppy...which would result in lots of naps there too! Kyle continued sun time and one day he lay there talking (without words) to our "stuffed animal Tigger" from Auntie Jessett...he was so intent on talking to it. The boys had the first official baths sitting in water. Kody blew us all away with how strong his neck is and how long he can hold himself up. Kyle still struggles to lift his head. Kyle tried out the bouncer for the first time with the toys and was was hitting the bird. The boys continue to grow & amaze us every day!

11/21/08: Kyle can get a little crazy when you're feeding him. He throws his head around and when he collides with something he does not flinch or would never know he hit his head or how hard...well at the 11PM feeding he hit mommies jaw so hard! It cracked & shifted & I had no idea what to do...the pain was horrendous but Kyle felt nothing!!! He has got a steel head! :)

11/26/08 - 8 weeks old

(these are pics from 11/26/08-11/30/08)

We celebrated Great Grandma Todd's "40th" birthday with her (she teased all day that it was her 40th so we got a cake & candles reflecting that). The boys had their first Thanksgiving at Great Grandma & Papa Todd's. We packed the boys up and were able to spend a few hours there with them. Mommy & Daddy ate lots of good food & loaded up on the "secret recipe" rolls. yummy!!! Then the boys got to see Grandma Townsend, Uncle Shawn, and meet their Great Grandma Griffith for the first time! They loved her & had lots of fun!

4 Generations (Kevin, Grandma Karen holding Kyle, and Great Grandma Ann holding Kody)

(Grandma Karen holding Kyle, Kevin and Uncle Shawn holding Kody)

Brothers by chance, Friends by choice
(Kevin loves his little brother!)

11/26/08: Kyle & Kody both smiled again and it was also their first rain storm...they looked around wondering what the sound was but neither had a clue.

12/1/08 - 2 months old

(It wasn't a happy day for sadly I have no pics)
We took them to their 2 month check up...where they got their first set of shots :( It was so sad to see them upset & hurting from their shots. Kody got a pretty high fever so we had to keep a close eye on him.

Kyle: weighed 11 lbs 8 ozs (47th percentile) & measured 23 inches (55th percentile),
and his head measured 15 1/2 inches (36th percentile)

Kody: weighed 10 lbs 10 ozs (26th percentile) & measured 21 3/4 inches (11th percentile),
and his head measured 15 1/2 inches (36th percentile)

Kody was cleared & jaundice free, but Kyle still had jaundice & it wasn't going away! His eyes were still yellow & so was his skin. So the doctor sent us for blood work & the results came back that it was still in his it turned out he had breast milk jaundice! Who knew! I had never heard of such a thing! So thankfully it was a few day fix & not a permanent thing! I was worried it was a forever thing...all we had to do was feed him pure formula for 4 days. So 12/1-12/4 he had formula. He became ghostly white and so did his eyes! That's my boy! :) We thought he had an olive complexion, but nope we were wrong! I have to say though that those were the worst 4 days! I couldn't stand the smell of the formula, in the bottle or on his breath. His burps stunk like crazy & those were the nastiest diapers I have ever seen! They were scary & lucky daddy missed out on all the fun while he was in CA working!

12/3/08 - 9 weeks old

(these are pics from 12/4/08-12/9/08)

12/6/08: Kody smiled a HUGE smiled at mommy

12/8/08: Kyle had his best feed to date (behaving himself), and then smiled a HUGE smile at mommy at the end

We have these pictures hanging on one of the walls in our Family room & both of the boys are obsessed with them. They want to stare at the pictures while they drink their milkies, when they are fussy...all the time & any time! Who knew they were such a great investment when we bought them!

This is their other obsession. Our ceiling fan in the Family Room! The fan is HUGE. The family room is 2 stories high so it has to be pretty big. They love to look up & just watch it. These are the two obsessions that have my boys captivated!

12/10/08 - 10 weeks old

Great Grandma Todd playing with Kyle & Kody during her weekly stay, coming on Tuesday & leaving Thursday to help out with feeding, washing bottles, looking after the little ones while mommy pumped & keeping mommy fed! Papa during one of his daily visits holding Kyle. And the rest of the pics are just hanging out and playing with mommy & daddy!

12/17/08 - 11 weeks old

The boys always smile so big while they are sleeping! I love it! And the blue wraps they are wearing while sleeping were the only thing that saved mommy's sanity! Kody does fine just being swaddled in a blanket & if he gets his arms free, no big deal he is fine. Kyle on the other hand is a pill! He will fight & struggle until he gets his arm out, but then once his arm is out...he cries! This makes for VERY LONG nights! He doesn't like his arm out & CANNOT sleep if his arm is out. So we tried every blanket we could find & nothing worked! A friend from work had given me these wraps (she had twin boys as well) and I don't know what I would do without them! So mommy started getting more sleep after that! You can see his little hand out at the top pic.

Tummy time continued, Kody loves to hold his bottle while he eats...i love it! Then we celebrated a big birthday for Papa...we had lots of fun at the house with the boys. We had cake & ice cream & then he opened presents (some he had already gotten & empty boxes were wrapped, and some were new). One of mommy's favorite things to do is to take naps with both of the boys...its usually a daily thing while daddy is gone!

Our Family Christmas Pictures

some fun faces the & things the boys were doing during the pics...

Kody of course needed his binkie along the way...such a binkie boy!

12/24/08 - 12 weeks old

Their First Christmas Eve

Kyle & Kody's First Christmas

It was a fun yet long day. So different from the Christmases years before! The best part was having Kyle & Kody. And although they had no idea what was going on...they both seemed to have fun! Great Grandma & Papa came over to our house & we didn't get to have our traditional Christmas breakfast until 5pm! Needless to say we were all starving!

(these are pics from 12/26/08-12/29/08)

The boys got Christmas hats from Santa so we had to try them on. Even if it was the day after Christmas! They made so many funny faces! We loved it!

12/29/08: Kyle found his thumb! Mommy walked up to the crib & found his thumb in his mouth with the other 4 fingers perfectly straight covering his nose & eyes. I have been trying so hard to have them be binkie babies instead of thumb my LONG battle began!

12/31/08 - 13 weeks old

The last day of 2008! We were finally able to get a picture of Kody smiling. He such a smiley boy but both boys are so camera shy! As soon as the camera would come out...smiles were gone. So it was a great way to end the year! :)
1/1/09 - 3 months old

I still have my obsession with their little feet! They have grown so much! Some more of Kody smiling, and also of daddy playing with them. He loves it & they love it even more! There is lots of smiling, talking, and excitement when daddy plays with them!

(these are pics from 1/2/09-1/6/09)

Kyle LOVES his mobile! He gets so excited when the mobile is on & the animals are going around! We call them "his aminals". I love when the boys are sleeping...they are so sweet & so fresh from heaven! Kody hanging out with daddy, and Kody drinking his bottle while sleeping. Kody has a hard time eating & we have found he does perfect if he eats while he is sleeping. So whenever we can feed him while he is sleeping...we go for it!

1/5/09: At the 7pm feeding, Kyle looked at Kody & gave him a big smile! Kyle watched Kody while mommy was burping him & he talked to & smiled at Kody...melted mommy & daddy's heart!
1/6/09: Mommy was giving Kyle a bath and he smiled REALLY big when she washed a certain area. We also never knew for sure if the boys were laughing or not, so for the first time when mommy was drying him off, he cute!

1/7/09 - 14 weeks old

(these are pics from 1/7/09-1/13/09)

I love the bath towels the boys have. The bright colors & the adorable much fun! The boys loves their baths more & more which makes it fun for mommy & daddy! The boys really love playing with daddy! As you can see they are both smiling & having fun (Kody is wearing orange & Kyle is wearing aqua) Kody continues to feed better while sleeping despite the increase in meds. Kyle is getting really good on the little mat He bats at the toys & can make them play music which he loves, and Grandpa Townsend feeding Kyle.

Baby Parts - I just love the little chunky thighs, hands, feet & faces of my little guys!!!

1/9/09: Kyle & Kody ended up getting colds after Christmas which scared mommy & daddy to death! We spoke with the doctor as soon as we heard the rattles in their throats. We had to watch them and continue to monitor everything to make sure it was not RSV. We tried so hard to keep them from getting sick! We had to use nose drops to try and help break up the junk. Kyle got better, but Kody did not. He wasn't getting better. (When it comes to Kevin & I we always tougn things out & don't think twice, but with little ones you can't do it. I never know when I should call the doctor or not.)

So mommy called the doctor again & the doctor had us bring Kody in. She checked him out & said she heard everything down there, but it wasn't in his lungs (which was my biggest fear). She had us use the humidifier & continue the nose drops. While we were there we addressed the acid reflux. He definately had it so she prescribed him some Zantac Syrp. She had us give him .2 ML at first & if that didn't work then go up to .3 we did .2 for a few days & then gave him .3 and he did so much better!

Kody: weighed 12 lbs 11 ozs (27th percentile)

1/11/09: Grandpa Townsend came out to visit Kyle & Kody. Kevin enjoyed having his dad here & grandpa enjoyed spending time & feeding the boys. Sadly he had to leave 1/13/09 shortly after Kevin left for work...

1/13/09: Kody laughed for the first time while mommy was giving him a it!

1/14/09 - 15 weeks old

(these are pics from 1/17/09-1/20/09)

We continue to try and go on family walks when daddy is home & usually mommy will take the boys out for atleast one walk while daddy is gone. The boys both got to try out the Rainforest Jumperoo. They are both still a little small for it, but they seem to enjoy it. Mommy got some much needed girl time out with her good friend Amy. (First time since the twilight midnight movie release on November 21st!) We have taken the boys out in the car. Usually our outings consist of sitting in the car with mommy while daddy runs into a store. We still haven't been inside a store yet!

1/17/09: the 1st morning feed of the day...Kyle & Kody made eye contact for the 1st time and smiled at each other...then they started talking to each other without their voices...their own little language! They had always looked at one another, but had never made eye this was an incredible moment for mommy & daddy to witness!

The boys continue to grow & get cuter & cuter! We can't believe that we have been blessed with two beautiful & amazing little boys! We love them more than we ever thought possible! Our lives are completely changed & we LOVE it!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Growing Little Ones...

So to pick up where this post left off...(you can read it if you missed here) I know most of you are just looking for the current pics...but now you can see how they have grown along the way...since most of you haven't met them yet. Per doctors orders they can't go to church yet or be exposed to others due to their increased risk of RSV. Since they had severe respiratory distress and they were preemies...the result for them getting RSV would be hospitalization or even death. It shows up as a cold in an adult but can be deadly for their little lungs & can have life lasting effects. ...thus we aren't willing to risk it!!!

10/10/08 - 10 days old

We took them to their first doctors appointment...

Kyle: weighed 6 lbs & measured 19 1/4 inches (15th percentile),
and his head measured 14 inches (28th percentile)

Kody: weighed 5 lbs 1 oz (1st percentile) & measured 18 1/2 inches (4th percentile),
and his head measured 13 1/2 inches (12th percentile)

...and we scheduled their circumcision for 10/16/08 :(



They had their first baths from mommy & daddy...



10/15/08 - 2 weeks old


We took the boys in for their procedures...

Kyle: weighed 6 lbs 13 ozs (7th percentile) & measured 20 1/2 inches (40th percentile),
and his head measured 14 inches (19th percentile)

Kody: weighed 5 lbs 9 ozs (1st percentile) & measured 19 1/2 inches (11th percentile), and his head measured 13 inches (2nd percentile)

Daddy went in with Kyle because there was no way mommy could handle her little guys hurting or being scared and crying! Kyle did amazing! He didn't even cry. The doctor and the nurses still talk about how well he did and what a tough little guy he was!

Mommy stayed with Kody in the room. Kody fell asleep in mommy's arms. The nurse came to get him and when he woke up he was no longer in mommy's arms & was strapped to a needless to say he was traumatized! Poor little guy cried for most of it and would wake up crying every few minutes for the next day or broke mommy's heart!!!


On 10/17 we went on our first walk together. Kevin had to head back to CA to work on 10/21 so his mom Karen came to help me out with the boys.

(these are pics from 10/15/08-10/21/08)


During sun time for their Jaundice, Kody almost rolled over...a tiny tap from Grandma Townsend & we was completely over! We had to do sun time 3-4 times a day. Two of those times Kody pulled his own hair and started was cute & sad at the same time!

10/22/08 - 3 weeks old

(I love this picture!...Kody hiding Kyle's face & stiking out his tounge! priceless!!!)

(here you can see Kyle's face)


The boys got to try out the bouncer for the first time. Kody was so little he had to have a little head rest to help hold his head up. They also got to try out one of the swings for the first time, and they tried it out together...Kevin's mom stayed till 10/25/08 helping out...the pic below of her & Kody napping cracks me up!The pic of Kevin with the boys was 8am after getting home at midnight from working in CA...poor guy looks tired!

(these are pics from 10/22/08-10/28/08)

10/29/08 - 4 weeks old


(these are pics from 10/29/08-10/31/08)

Kyle loves the swing from Grandma Scigliano! The boys sleep in such cute different ways! Love when they touch each other! And their little Halloween out fits from the "Neighborhood Ghost" that Boo'ed us and from Grandma Scigliano. Great Grandma Todd came out to stay with me while Kevin was in CA. She would come on Tuesday & leave on Thursday, staying the night to help me feed the little ones, keep me fed and wash the never ending bottles!

Halloween Costumes...

We knew the boys weren't going out anywhere, but we wanted to take pics of them in some type of Kev's mom ran around town trying to find something they would fit it...I think they turned out pretty cute! Thanks Grandma Townsend! :)


Grandpa Townsend & Uncle Shawn flew out on 11/1/08 to see the boys. It was Grandpa's first time meeting the boys & Uncle Shawn's second time. It was a fun filled weekend!


We took the boys to their 1 month check up...

Kyle: weighed 8 lbs 12 ozs (20th percentile) & measured 21 inches (26th percentile),
and his head measured 14 3/4 inches (31st percentile)

Kody: weighed 7 lbs 12 ozs (7th percentile) & measured 20 1/2 inches (12th percentile),
and his head measured 14 1/4 inches (12th percentile)

We never knew for sure if the boys were smiling or not, so...Kyle officially smiled with a BIG smile at daddy when daddy was talking to Tigger! So cute!

(these are pics from 11/3/08-11/4/08)

The boys watched Finding Nemo very intently! It was pretty cute! They loved watching the fishes on the big screen! Kyle continues to have sun time without Kody. And clever daddy set up the swing and the bouncer so the swing would hit the bouncer & therefore bounce it...Kyle loves the swing & Kody loves the bouncer... post will cover will have 5 weeks old till hopefully 15 weeks old...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Updates & New Pics...

Updates & New Pics...are coming! I promise! I finally got my new computer & everything I need is on it...I could never post new pics before because my computer stopped reading my card now I have a sweet new computer with a buitl in card reader...all pics have been downloaded from all the cards and now I just need...TIME! Anyway hopefully I can work on it tonight or tomorrow...Kody is in my arms right gotta run...but hopefully ASAP you will see how big my little guys have gotten!!! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

9 years!!!

Today Kevin & I have been together for 9 years! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Kevin & I were introduced by a friend who wanted me to see what a girl should be treated like (I always went for the bad guys...), and wanted Kevin to see that you could have fun without spending money...well it's now 9 years later...and these have been the best 9 years of my life!

Here's a look at some pics over the last 9 years!!!

Kevin showed up to take me to church wearing the flip flop of my outfit. And the dividing line was even exact too! I loved this pic!

Kevin's senior prom. I was a junior when we met & he was a senior. We went to 8 or 9 dances together in total. I loved it! We always matched exactly (my obsession), and everyone loved it!

One night relaxing at my house.

After the powder puff football game my senior year.

One of the best days ever at SeaWorld! I love this man!

Shortly after we were sealed as man & wife for time & all eternity!

For my Papa's Big Birthday we rented 2 Hertz GT convertible mustangs for the weekend & cruised all over was such a blast & we got some many stares & people talking to much fun!

At a park we found in Scottsdale during our convertible weekend!

Right before my work Christmas party.

2008...Christmas with our 2 beautiful baby boys!

Kevin, you are everything and more that I could have asked for; for myself and for our two beautiful boys, and our fluffy one are incredible...

i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!