Friday, June 27, 2008

22 weeks

We had our 22 week appointment at the Perinatal Specialists office on June 27th. We had a different ultrasound specialist there this time named Teri. We loved her! She was so sweet & so funny! She cracked us up the entire time and we really got to enjoy our 2 little bundles of joy!

Baby A is laying low. Head to my right and feet to my left. Baby B is high up there with his head to my left and his feet to my right.

At first when we looked at Baby A this was what we saw...

...our sweet Baby A yawning...but he soon woke up & was more rambunctious than ever! Once he woke up he was twisting and turning, then began all the kicking! His measurements were great. He weighed in at 1 lb. His heartbeat was 120 BPM, and all of his measurements put him at 4 days ahead of schedule (22wks, 2 days).

Baby B also looked great; he was twisting and turning like usual. It was hard to get some of his measurements, but Teri did an amazing job of working with them as is and getting everything she needed! Baby B weighed in at 14oz. His heartbeat was 158 BPM (got figure! I will have my hands full!), and all of his measurements put him at 1 day behind schedule (21 wks, 5 days). But everything was perfect. I mentioned to the ultrasound specialist that I didn't really feel them moving that much. She explained that both of the placentas were in the front which would cause me to feel movement a little bit less. Then when we were measuring Baby B, we soon found out poor little Baby B was being kicked in the head by his brother!!! Every picture we tried to take of his little head had his brother's foot in it. Baby B finally curled up in the bottom of his sack to get away from his brother's foot! My poor sweet baby!

Seems Baby A may be the one who is silent and dangerous!!! :)

It was so neat being able to see the 4 chambers of the heart beating, the organs, their faces, their bones and all. They confirmed no spina bifida, no clef pallet, and all organs are inside the body!!! Best and most important news so far!

Here are some pictures. I wanted to get this post up so I put up all the images. I will put captions on them later! If you want to look at each individual picture closer click on the view all images button!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Belly Pics...

So I keep getting requests for Belly here are some pics Kev took really quick of me at 20 wks. I am almost 22 weeks now, so I am bigger now...but here is a look at my belly 2 weeks ago! :) I will have to post more later! :) I will also post pics from my shower in CA!

Monday, June 23, 2008

CA Shower

So I got to go back to Yorba Linda, Ca for a baby shower. It was so muh fun & I really enjoyed getting to see so many that I grew up with. I couldn't get over the changes that took place in all the younger ones (some I used to babysit)!

I got to see friends and family and was even surprised to see some!

We were compltely spoiled & so loved! Thanks to all who were able to come & thank you for all the wonderfuls gifts for our little monkey's!!!

Here are some pics! :)