Thursday, February 26, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere!

Don't things always have to happen at the worst time! The week that Kevin is actually gone all week long too, and not reachable by phone!

I looked out the front window this morning (not sure why exactly), and there was a bunch of water. The rocks were soaked, some water on the sidewalk, in the gutter (but I assumed someone was washing their car with all the water that was in the gutter). It looked like it was coming from a plant so I figured one of the tops had popped off the water drip system to that plant. I wasn't dressed yet & I only had a limited amount of time to pump before the boys woke up for their second feed of the day. So I figured I would pump, feed them & then address it. While I was pumping I thought maybe Papa would like something to do instead of sitting around all day because he loves little projects (he truly hates sitting around & always wants something to do or to fix). So I mentioned it to Grandma & she said Papa would come take a look.

Papa came by while I was in the shower & needed tools but since I was in the shower he had to run back to his house to get them. I saw he called while I was in the shower so I called him back & he was on his way back. Instead of laying down to snuggle with the boys for a nap I decided we would go outside & check it out & say hi to Papa.

So I took the boys out there...

...they were enjoying being outside...
and it was a whole lot bigger mess than I thought! Not an easy "little project" like I thought! There was water everywhere! In our front yard, our water shut off hole was filled, it was all over the sidewalk, in the gutters (which Papa told me he saw a bunch of water as soon as he turned into our track & he hoped it wasn't my water...yep it sure was!!! No one was washing their car!); water in our neighbors front yard, water valve shut off was filled with water, along with water on their driveway (sorry Erika!).

(From when I saw it, this was after about 2 1/2 hours after the water had been drying up from the sun! It looked a lot worse when I first saw it.)

Papa started digging where the first mega puddle of water was & we found bubbling even when he thought the water was off! He dug further West & found the hole. There was a 1/8" hole in the water main to the house. Papa told me he didn't think he could fix it because of the way the pipe was curving.

A friend across the street said his neighbor went through the same thing a few months ago & they called the Builder's warranty hotline, and Papa thought the same thing. I thought good idea...crap where would I find the phone number, Kevin always handles everything! ...thankfully he told me where his was & ours was there as well! So I called them, they considered it an emergency since we had to turn the water off to the house & they said they would call me right back after they reached someone in our area.

While I waited Papa ran to ACE to get some supplies to try & temporarily stop the leak so I could use the water. I put the boys to sleep & thought perfect I can wash bottles...wrong! Thankfully I had 2 clean bottles for their next feed! I was thirsty & went to get some water to drink...nothing came out of the fridge. I thought...oh I can do some laundry...WRONG!!! I couldn't pump because my stuff needed to be washed...I was a sitting duck with plenty of water outside & no water inside! I never really thought about how much I NEED water all throughout the day!!!

An hour later...still no call. SO I called them back...they apologized thinking someone would have called me by then. She had me call the plumber that installed the plumbing in the home. So I called them...about 10 phone calls later (back & forth between the builder & the plumber), babies screaming throughout most if not all of the phone calls, making bottles while on the phone & feeding 2 babies at the same time while on the phone. Papa patched it temporarily and Grandma came over to wash bottles while we had some water. It was a mad dash to try & do everything we needed to use water for before the plumber got there! At 5:30pm I realized that I hadn't eaten anything since my bowl of cereal at 9:00am this morning. So I started fixing my "lunch" & when it was all ready, the plumber was done! So I dealt with him, signed paperwork & paid.

6 hours later...we have the fix!

...And still a big mess in the front yard! And I'm sorry to say it will stay there until daddy can deal with it on Saturday! I went inside, at 5:50pm I sat down and ate my cold lunch & stale bread...but at that point it could have been dirt for all I cared!!!

We have no idea if it falls under warranty..but at least its fixed! What a day! I am so exhausted!!!!!!!!! Thanks Papa, for all of your hard work on what I thought would be a "Little Project"!!!

(The boys’ outfits were kind of perfect for the day we says "Little Fish in a Big Sea")

Now at 10:00pm...I am off to have dinner! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Diaper Changes

I just had to post this video. One of my best friends sent it to me & I could not stop laughing! I thought it was hilarious! Mostly because I know exactly what they are feeling! I change anywhere from 12-16 diapers a day. Today I went to get Kyle up to feed him this morning & he pooped out the leg of his diaper...out his outfit...out the hole in his swaddle me wrap...and all over his bed.....then tonight Kody pooped out his diaper & all over the inside of his new outfit...2 of the nastiest diapers ever!!! So I thought this video was a perfect way to end the day...I thought it was enjoy! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Neighbors & Friends

We have the most amazing friends and neighbors out here in AZ! They look out for us, take care of us, rushed me to the hospital when I needed them to (even if it was very late at night & they had to leave their children), and are always there when we need help! One of our neighbors in particular is incredible! Our good ole friend Charlie.
He takes care of me when Kevin is gone, he takes our trash cans out & puts them away once the garbage man has come two different days of the week. He took pictures at our Baby Shower. We had a plant die in the front yard and Kevin mentioned to Charlie what he wanted to replace it with, and a few days later we went out for a walk & there was the plant Kevin wanted in the empty space. Now our incredible and dear friend has made me dinner. It was amazingly delicious and I even had left overs for the next day. Here is a picture of the yummy meal!

He is such a sweetheart and we love him dearly! He and his wife mean so much to us and we don't know what we would do without them! We think of them as family & love them to death!!!

Thanks for being so incredible! You guys are the best!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

4 Months Old!!!

2/1/09 - 4 months old

We took the boys for their 4 month check up & to get their shots. Another sad day!

Kyle: weighed 15 lbs 14 ozs (71st percentile) & measured 25 3/4 inches (80th percentile),
and his head measured 16 3/4 inches (59th percentile)
Kyle has gained 9 lbs 9 ozs since birth (he actually went down to 5 lbs after he was born & was 5 lbs 13 ozs when we took him technically he has gained 10 lbs 1 oz!)
HE HAS LIKE TRIPPLED HIS WEIGHT!!!...and he has grown 7 3/4 inches!!!

Kody: weighed 13 lbs 11 ozs (26th percentile) & measured 24 1/2 inches (35th percentile),and his head measured 16 1/4 inches (25th percentile)
Kody has gained 8 lbs 12 ozs since birth (he actually went down to 4 lbs 10 ozs after he was born & was 5 lbs 1 ozs when we took him technically he has gained 9 lbs 1 oz!)
HE HAS LIKE DOUBLED HIS WEIGHT!!!...and he has grown 7 1/2 inches!!!

...And I have had 3 doctors and a few nurses that keep asking me "So you are only feeding them breast're not supplementing it at all? No formula or anything? Wow, that's some breast milk!"

So what does that it because I have enough milk to feed them both? it their size? ...
how fast their growing? What do you guys think?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun things...

Fun things about the boys & Nicknames for them...


1. He LOVES his food!!! Almost a little too much! Don't get between him & his milkies!

2. He loves to suck on his fingers

3. He always fights to get out of his wrap at night & then gets mad when he does

4. He likes his hand in a fist against his cheek at times while sleeping

5. He needs more sleep than his brother

6. Laughs so hard, loud & for just about anything

7. He loves to spit bubbles & soak his clothes

8. He has got a set of LUNGS! A friend across the street said she heard a little guy crying & I must have had the window open...nope, that's how loud he is!

9. He cries loud, and talks quietly

10. He is a Daddy's boy

1. Grape: When he was tiny he would turn purple trying to get farts & poos out...he would sit there & focus & turn purple...we were constantly telling him to breathe!!!

2. Machine Gun: This one he still has...when he sounds like a machine's hilarious!
3. Kyle-mon: Kody was first names Kody-mon & then daddy made songs with it so Kyle got it too...

4. Fireman: Every single time you would take off Kyle's diaper, he would pee! His diapers were always soaked to the max & then when you took the diaper off...he would pee too! So he became nicknamed our little fireman...putting out fires anywhere he goes!!!


1. He LOVES blankies

2. He likes books & loves to look at the pictures

3. He likes to suck on his thumb

4. Smiles ALL of the time

5. He laughs a lot

6. Poor guy has a really hard time eating...poor thing ends up hating to eat!

7. He cries quietly & talks loud

8. Mommy's Boy...big time!

9. We teased that his 1st crush was Alex Flanagan (Daddy turned on the new for a minutes, she is a reported & came on, Kody got a huge smile on his face & acted all shy...the next lady had no effect on him...Kody liked her) :)

1. Tomato: When he was tiny he would turn red when trying to get farts & poos out...he would sit focusing & turn red!!!

2. Little Manzie: He is mommy little man & was daddy's little clone when he was born

3. Kody-mon: It just kind of goes together & then daddy made up a song using it & it just stuck!

4. Happy Boy: Kody is always happy. He loves life & everyone in it! The only time Kody is not happy is when he is eating :(

5. Smiley: Kody is ALWAYS smiling. He loves to smile! His smile lights up the room & can change any mood whatsoever! Mommy sometimes gets frustrated trying to feed him & he just looks at mommy with this huge smile & all frustrations are gone

6. Binkie Boy: He always had to have his binkie! He would cry for it, beg for it, everything! Made nights a little hard because he would loose it all the time in the beginning. We later found out it was more that he needed it due to his acid reflux. Sucking would help to reduce the acid coming up.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Growing Little Ones...17 weeks old

It is my die hard mission to get caught up! Almost there! :)

1/28/09 - 17 weeks old

(these are pics from 1/28/09-1/31/09)

We are finally able to get Kyle to still smile once the camera is out. When he smiles really big he wrinkles his's adorable! Tummy time continues & as you can see above Kyle doesn't always like it! (that's why he is crying!) Kody with his shirt half on, that was the day he was laughing about his clothes going on & off. I have all of these beanies & the boys don't wear them. I thought they might be too small & they pretty much are, but I had to take a pic since it was so funny! Kody is white & Kyle in funny! There are more sleepy pics cause I love them! There is one of Kody sleeping on daddy's lap. And the picture where the boys are making a "V"...One morning I woke up to find them like that just talking to each other in their it! The wonderful & incredible blessing of twins!


Kyle rolled over for the first time & he did it 3 times in a row. His first time was within a minute of being put on tummy time. Here's a look at the second time...

Kody continues to just find the tip of his thumb & suck his little heart out!

Kody smiled at Kyle & tried to grab him & ended up grabbing his outfit! Kody loves his brother. He always watches him, smiles at him & tries to talk to him. For Kyle its more when it's convenient for him!

(these pics were taken with my phone so they aren't the best quality, but still precious!)


First night that the boys did not wake up once...they slept through the entire night!!!

Kody continues to talk to and smile at Kyle.

Kody laughed so hard when mommy was taking off his jammies. This is so not like Kody because he hates to be naked so he usually cries when you take off his clothes! Then he started laughing again when mommy was putting his outfit on!

Kody laughed again when mommy took off his outfit before his bath...I guess he is finally ticklish!

Bath time...Kody splashed around, he LOVES bath time...Kyle, yeah, he peed in the bath AGAIN!

2/3/09: After mommy gave Kyle a bath, she laid him on her bed as always to dry him off & put his diaper & jammies on...well guess what Kyle did...he PEED ON MOMMY & DADDY'S BED!!!!!!!!!! Oh our little fireman!