Friday, July 25, 2008

26 wks...

So this has been a fun week! I was having cramping since last Saturday, and on Monday night I started having contractions. Tuesday the contractions continued so the doctor sent me to the hospital to be monitored. They put me on bedrest starting Tuesday through Friday when I was scheduled to see the docotr. I didn't have anymore contractions, which was good and only a few cramps here & there...

So today we went to the Perinatal Office for our ultrasound. We brought Papa along with us since he had never seen an ultrasound. We got the same ultrasound specialist Teri, so it was a great visit! We had so much fun watching our little ones. They are currently positioned to make a circle around me. Both still able to kick each other in the head!

Baby A: Heartbeat was 140 BPM
Measuring 27 wks 3 days @ 2lbs 3 ozs (4 days ahead of schedule)

Baby B: Heartbeat was 143 BPM
Measuring 25 wks 5 days @ 1lb 12 ozs (only 1 day behind schedule)

Not too great of pics, but cute none the less...We love getting to spy on our little monkey's while they are in there...

Then we had our appoint with the OB today. All is well & I am measuring 34 weeks, which is 8 weeks ahead of a singleton! Plus I only gained 7/8 of a lb in the last 2 weeks...the babies grew but I shrank! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

25 wks...Belly Shots

Ok so it's been a while since I put up some more belly shots! So here you go, it's me at 25 wks!

Friday, July 11, 2008

24 wks

We had our 24 week appointment with the OB. All looked well! We got to spy on our little ones for a brief moment so we could see their little heart beats. I am measuring 31 weeks, which is 7 weeks ahead of a singleton (1 baby), so I am doing well! We can't wait for our little ones! :)