Monday, August 9, 2010

My Babies are 1 year old!!!

Where has the time gone???  How can my babies already be a year old???  They are growing so fast...literally in the blink of an eye!

My babies are walking, being silly, dare-devilish & getting into all kinds of stuff!

My BIG boys playing together NICELY!  Woohoo!!!

It was a constant laugh because the second you would set this floor mat up...Kody was there taking it down!  He couldn't stand for it to be standing up!!!

The boys birthday party was scheduled for just over 2 weeks after their actual birthday, so we had a little family party with homemade cupcakes and all on their birthday to was pretty fun! We had Grandma & Papa Todd, Grandma Scigliano, Uncle Shawn, and of course Mommy & Daddy in attendance! :)

Getting ready for the cake!!!

We sang "Happy Birthday" To Kyle...

Then we sang "Happy Birthday" to little Kody-mon...

They didn't know what to do at first...

...And then they went to town!!!

...So yummy for their tummies! ;)

First family picture with our little toddlers!

Time to open presents!

Kyle knew just what to do!

The boys unwrapping more presents...1st time they really got into it!  Don't you just LOVE Kyle's face!!!

Kyle reading his birthday card from Grandma Todd...too precious!

LOVED this picture!!!

Kody helping unwrap presents...and of course his pants falling down!  Little Kody-mon!

Their new cars...which they LOVE!!!

And the fam again :)

Next is their Safari Birthday Party!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beware of Wild Animals...

We took the boys out for some pictures for the Safari Birthday Party Invites...Here are a few of them below...enjoy!  :)

...our sweet little lion...

...our rambunctious little giraffe...

...and of course we had to get a picture of our crazy little you guessed it...a monkey...
...shortly after this Kyle face planted right into the dirt :(  poor sweet boy!  ...mouth full of dirt = photo shoot over & going home to clean up our poor little guy!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1 Year Old

Ok I know FINALLY!!!  My camera is in the shop (it has a front focusing issue!) & having just gotten back from a workshop...the only thing I have to do is get caught up!  I can't take pictures or practice photography so hopefully that will allow me to get caught up!!!

Here are some of the boys 1 year pictures...

We took the boys in for their 12 month check up and we got to find out their stats...& they got a few shots :( it gets harder each time around!!! Anyway, onto their stats...

weighed 24 lbs 4 ozs (72nd percentile), he measured 31 1/4 inches (90 th percentile), and his head measured 19 1/4 inches (97th percentile)

weighed 20 lbs 12 ozs (20th percentile), he measured 30 inches (59 th percentile), and his head measured 18 1/2 inches (69th percentile)

Hopefully I can get all caught up ASAP!  Their birthday party pics are coming soon!  :)