Friday, May 30, 2008

The wait is finally over!!!

So we had our 18 week appointment today at the perinatal doctors. We had our ultrasound and they measured limbs & organs. All seem to be perfect! It was the coolest thing to watch the heart beating and the chambers of the heart.

Each baby weighed in at 8 oz. which she said was perfect. Baby A's heartbeat was 125b.p.m., and Baby B's heartbeat was 133b.p.m. Each Baby had its hand or thumb in it's mouth more than once. Baby B, who has always been our active one, opened its mouth and appeared to be shoving its hand in its mouth...

We are excited to announce... 2 little boys will be joining our family!!! We could not be happier! Now, it is on to the names...It will be Kyle, and either Kasey, Kody or Kris...what do you guys think?

The babies are actually in an interesting position too. Baby A's head is south, and feet are north, while Baby B's going east & west! Baby's B's head is on my right and feet are on my left. They basically form a "T", which we thought was pretty cute since our last name starts with a "T". We say they are just representing the Townsend Boys already with our Monogram! :)


Here are some pics of our beautiful & healthy baby boys!!!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Count Down...

3 more days till we find out the sexes!!! I am dying!!! This week is going to go by so slow!

Countdown Clocks at

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

16 weeks...

So I guess I am getting spoiled! We had an appointment with our OB on Monday and I was all excited thinking I was going to get more pictures. I was wrong however. :( We got to hear one heartbeat on the doppler which was 152 bpm. You can't hear the second one of the doppler...which makes me sad!

The doctor did say that the top of my uterus was just above my belly button so she would guess I would be 18-20 weeks. She said I am measuring big so that's really good! :)

9 more days till we find out the sexes!!! I am dying to know!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Our First visit with the Perinatal Doctor...14 wks

We just had our first appointment with the Perinatal Doctor. These are our most recent pics of the little ones! :) The doctor said I was a fine specimen for caring twins and a perfect incubator as well! :) The doctors are all so great & we feel like celebs! The doctor says I am very healthy & I have a very healthy pregnancy! The babies are in 2 separate sacks and have 2 separate placentas, which is ideal. He said we had the healthiest pregnancy he would see all day! We couldn't believe how many pictures we got! We loved it! Twins A's heartbeat was 140 bpm and Twin B's heartbeat was 146 bpm. It is music to my hears getting to listen to their heartbeats!!!

And we find out the sexes on May 30th!!!